As an applicant it is possible to add your CV, profile and advertise to Jobstafet free of charge. However, it is required that the applicant is serious. For further information please see the terms section. Job applicants who are not serious may risk without warning being applied a fee of 250 DKK. However, it is possible to have an anonymous advertisement, if one for example is in an employment not under notice. Special advertisements are available – further information regarding prices can be given as the advertisement is made.

As an employer one can either choose 3 months subscription for EUR 240.00. or a 12 months subscription for EUR 616.00 (Excl. danish VAT on 25%) Within the subscription period it is possible to create one or more advertisements free of charge. The advertisemenet will be removed as the subscription expires, unless one chooses to remove the advertisement prior to this date.

It is possible to add fotos to the advertisements or make them stand out through markings on the lists. Possible solutions and prices are available through the advertisement webpage.

Special services

With their special knowledge within the area, consultants at Jobstafet offer to help with screening, interviewing, checking references, final hiring etc. Please contact us for any further information – this way we can take your needs into account. Please notice that the consultants have access to advertisements made by applicants who wishes to remain anonymous. This means that most often we have access to more applicants than visible online.

Special advertisements:
Consultants at Jobstafet will be happy to help create special advertisements. This goes for advertisements on Jobstafet or supplementary profiles and advertisements in magazines and as notices and posters at for example agricultural schools. Please contact us for any further information.