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Guide to jobseekers

To be a registerede user of, you must fill-out some pages with information about your self, your qualifications, interests and wishes for your future job.

Page 1: Conditions

You must approve of these terms to set-up an account on We urge you to read these terms thoroughly, before you continue with your registration.

Page 2: Contact information.

On this page you must fill in information on how to reach you by e-email and phone. Secondly, your desired username on The system will automatically check fore availability.

Page 3: Adress.

On this page you must fill in your permanent address. Are you not sure, that your present address will be valid for the hole period you are active on, then fill in your parents address, ore other permanent contact-address.

Page 4: Personal data.

Birthday and sex must be filled out on this page, along with information on your language skills. DO NOT select a language, that you do not speak on a high-level.

Page 5: Education.

In this form you must go in to detail with your education(-s) and courses you have participated in. Wright in short terms, so the information is easier to survey. REMEMBER: Wright it all in, because everything has relevance and states a lot about your personality.

Page 6: Personal description.

This page is, for you, the most important page to fill out thoroughly, because information about your interest, hobbies and work-experience, says a lot about your personality. It´s this form, that presents you as an interesting person, witch will make the best employers catch interest, and present you with an attractive joboffer.

Page 7: Approval.

On this page you must approve of the information you have typed in to the system. Be aware that all the data is correct, spelled right and expressed in the right way.

Page 8: Confirmation

Your account has now been submitted to - BUT you still have to make an ad to complete your registration.

Establishing an ad on

Page 1: Visibility

On this page you must choose how and when your ad must be shown on the

In the first section you choose the degree of visibility of your add. May the employers see all, nothing ore just the ad, without seeing your personal information.

In the second part you choose if you want the ad to be seen on both and

The next fields defines your job-start-date. You must fill in a fixed date, but in the field below you can comment this subject.

In the field “Showing periode” you must select the period, when the ad is active on BE AWARE !! The ad´s active period can not extend your job-start-date by more than 30 days.

Page 2: Type of production

The following page contains a lot of possible job-titles, where you select the category of job you desire. Further you select the preferred production-type (catle, pigs etc.). You can select several production-types if needed.

Page 3 + 4: Place of employment

On this page, you shall on a world-map, select the country where you wish to post your ad.

If you wish to post your ad in several countries, this will be possible after completing the first selection.

Page 5: Board and lodging

You can on this page select, and comment your wishes regarding board and lodging. If you wish to handle this matter your self, then select “No board” and “No lodging”, and leave the commenting fields empty.

Page 6: Job description

You are now in the last phase of your registration. On this page you fill in a head-line and a thoroughly job-description. BE AWARE!! The head-line is the appetizer, so make it short and framing.

Page 7: Approval

On this page your ad will be shown for approval. The layout you see, is the same as employers will see on
Approve of the ad, and you are ready to use

NOTE !! Your ad must be accepted by one of the regional offices in Denmark, before displayed on
You will receive an e-mail with information regarding witch Jobstafetten-office you have been attached.