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Guide to employers

To become a registered user of Jobstafetten, you must, as a minimum, fill out the pages with personal information. You can at anytime create an add.

Page 1: Conditions

You must approve of the terms, to set up an account. We ask of you to read the terms before continuing.

Page 2: Choice of advertisement

On this site you chose witch type/length of subscription you want.

Page 3: Contact information

On this site you must type-in information on how to reach you electronically, and choose a username and password. The system automatically checks fore availability of the username.

Page 4: Address information

Type-in, the address information of the owner of the enterprise, because this will be used as the billing address on the invoice.

Page 5: Size of production

Production type and size must be typed and chosen by putting one ore several marks. Chose all the relevant production-types, to give a complete lay-out of the farm-activity.

Page 6: Description of enterprise

The description of your enterprise is an important area to create interest towards your position. Use some time on the description and put a link to your own homepage ect.

Page 7: Approval

Approve of the typed information and choose if you want to create an ad now, ore go directly to the payment section.

Page 8: Advertisement

Step one in the creation of the ad, is choosing the visibility of the ad. You can select:
“Totally accessibility”: Job-seekers can see your ad and contact info.
“Hidden”: Ad is only visible to Jobstafetten consultants.
“Partly open”: Jobseekers can se your ad, but not your contact info, so they need to contact a Jobstafetten consultant to get contact info.

Last part in is a selection between standard ad ore advantage ad. Advantage ad shows your ad on both and . An advantage ad requires an additional fee.

Standard advertisement:
This advertisement is included in the subscription price and gives you the possibility of getting on the list of vacancies depending on the search criteria’s used by the job seeker.

Plus-advertisement (extra price kr. xxx):
With the Plus-advertisement your advertisement will come out on top of the list of vacancies every time a search is made using your criteria’s. At the same time your advertisement will be framed and you will have the possibility of uploading pictures of e.g. the farm. The advertisement will be shown for 30 days.

Page 9: Showing periode

First you choose a job-start-day, and perhaps comment this in the box below.
A showing period of the ad must be selected. NOTICE that the showing period can not extend the Job-start-day by more than 30 days.

Side 10: Type of position

Select one, ore more, of the job titles that matches the position you offer, and witch requirements you have about language-skills and drivers licenses.

Side 11: Creation of the ad

Choose the words in your header with great care. Use some time do this part, so you get the right expression. The header must be short and precise – it´s this little piece of text that creates interest in the job-seekers mind.

The text area: Again it´s important to keep the sentences short, precise and framing, but it´s also important to get it all in there, to “paint a good picture” of your position. Keep in mind that this ad must create enough interest in the job-seekers mind, to make them contact you.

Side 12: Approval of the ad

The ad will be shown to you, as it appears on Jobstafetten. If you wish to edit the ad, then click on the links to the left. Other vice you click “approve”, and the ad is ready.

NOTICE that you must have completed the payment, before your add is visible on Jobstafetten.

Payment, page 1:

After creation of the ad, you will return to the main page, where you can see your status. The status will be “Waiting fore payment” until your have paid fore your subscription. Use the link to go to the payment section.

Payment, page 2:

First selection, is the choosing of subscription type. You can choose between a 3-month (120 days), ore a 1 year (365 days) subscription.
If you have the need to frequently survey the market fore potential qualified employees, then choose a 1year (365 days) subscription.

Payment, page 3 – 7:

On the following pages you must confirm that your personal information is correct, before payment.

Payment, page 8:

An invoice is being created so you can see what you pay fore and to whom.
Remember to READ and accept the terms.

Payment, page 9:

On this site you choose payment method, and credit card type.

Payment, page 10:

An invoice appears again, witch can be printed, but you will also receive it by e-mail.

After the transaction is completed, your subscription is active.