FAQ Jobstafetten Outside Denmark

Is it possible to search for jobs in different countries?
It is possible to search for jobs in more than one country at a time. This is done by selecting the countries on the world map or on the list, which is shown when you create an advertisement on

Who can see my advertisement?
Employers with a subscription to jobstafetten, and your self are the only ones who can see your personal data. Other people looking for jobs will only be able to see your advertisement.

For how long will my advertisement be active?
When searching for a job, your advertisement will be active for 14 days. As employer you can choose between different subscriptions. For more information go to the menu Information/prices.

Why can’t I see names and telephone numbers?
To be able to see names and telephone numbers you will have to be an active user of jobstafetten, that is employers should have a subscription and people looking for jobs should have an active advertisement.
Also you will need to log in. Select ”Log in” in the menu and type in username and password.

What does anonymous or partly anonymous mean?
If you choose to be anonymous, no one will see your advertisement, and you will have to search for jobs or possible employees yourself. By choosing partly anonymous your advertisement will be shown without name, address and telephone number. If people are interested in these information, they can get them at their local Jobstafet office.
We recommend that you choose an open advertisement since this will give the best opportunities for contact. Anonymous advertisements should only be used when special circumstances require it.

How do I change my information?
Log on to Jobstafetten and in the menu select what you would like to change. Another solution is to go to the status box and right click the heading of the advertisement. This will then be shown with the possibility to change the information.

How do I renew my subscription as employer?
Log on to Jobstafetten. This is possible even if the subscription has run out. Select the menu ”Renew subscription” and choose between a 120 days or a 365 days subscription. Click ”Renew now”. The status of your subscription is always visible in the information box in the bottom right corner.

How much and what should I put in my advertisement?
The advertisement should include your experience, also experience from jobs outside the agricultural sector. Other factors, e.g. hobbies and sports, relevant for the job your applying to should also be included.

How much does an advertisement cost?
People looking for jobs can create an advertisement for free. Employees have to buy a subscription. Prices for this can be found in the menu Information/prices.

Can I make the advertisement in other languages than English?
The common language at is English, thus all texts have to be in English.